Pipette Service and Calibration

Balance-glassware-longPipette service and calibration

P-Squared Technologies is fully supported by StarLab’s pipette service and calibration division, Caltech, to offer service and calibration of most brands of pipettes.

Caltech is one of the UK’s leading pipette calibration companies and our technicians are trained at their facilities in the UK.

Our aim at P-Squared is to turn around all pipettes within 3 days of receipt within our calibration facilities. Although P-Squared offers 5 defined levels of calibration, we are able to offer a customized calibration (a 6th calibration level option) to meet your individual needs. Loan pipettes will be available upon request where non-standard repairs are required.

A hardcopy calibration certificate is supplied as standard for each pipette according to the defined level of calibration chosen. However, as P-Squared supports eco-initiatives to reduce paper wastage, we offer calibration certificates in electronic format to disc for ease of use and storage.
Should any repair require non-standard parts, P-Squared will proceed with the repair after confirmation from the customer. Additionally,

P-Squared Technologies will not unnecessarily replace seals and O-rings that function according to specification unless stipulated by the customer.

CYCLERtest PCR calibration

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