CYCLERtest PCR calibration


CYCLERtest PCR calibration

Accreditation norms require thermocycler calibration to be carried out independent of the instrument manufacturer and supplier, to be traceable, tamperproof and performed on site.

The P-Squared thermocycler calibration system called MTAS (Mobile Temperature Acquisition System), developed by CYCLERtest, has been calibrated against the NIST standard and is verified by the Dutch Council for Accreditation according to the ISO 17025 standard and traceable according to ITS-90.

P-Squared Technologies is independent of any thermocycler manufacturer and supplier. Our thermocycler calibration is carried out on-site and in situ.

Calibration test results are analyzed and reported through an automated process, prohibiting any alterations of the acquired sample data, to be tamperproof. CYCLERtest and P-Squared’s policy is that only personnel, trained and certified at the CYCLERtest facilities in the Netherlands, perform these calibration measurements. Full documentation together with calibration certificate and report is supplied for each completed calibration.

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