Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Pipette Service and Calibration

It is a process of examining and/or adjusting the pipettes to the true value by comparison to the standard which is set by the manufacturer of that pipette. The standard in this case is the pipetting range set by the pipette manufacturer to be accurate and precise at low, mid and high volume of the pipette. At P-Squared Technologies, we perform metrology based pipette calibration. Metrology based pipette calibration provides a platform where the process is done within strict guidelines. This ensures that there is a methodology and a standard set for all of the equipment used to calibrate the pipettes.
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Our customers are based in all provinces of South Africa, with the calibration laboratory based in Cape Town.

FAQ PCR Cycler Calibration

A thermal calibration of a PCR cycler measures the temperature at multiple well positions across the cycler block over time, to assess the thermal accuracy, block uniformity, ramp rate and temperature overshoot per cycler. The generated data is compared to the performance of other cyclers of the same model and make to assess whether the cycler performs within the temperature specification.